Policies Based On Lies Benefit Only The Rich!
     A great King once observed, "Making a fortune through a lying tongue is a vanishing mist, a pursuit of death."  (Jewish King Solomon in Proverbs) Today a growing number of people are rejecting the predictions of doom put forth by the politically funded "Climate Industrial Complex".    

Sorry Chicken Little But The Sky Is Not Falling!
   The catastrophic temperature increase forecast "Climate Experts" is one degree C by the year 2300. That's less than your body temperature increases after a brisk 20-minute walk.  The whole catastrophic "Climate Change" theory is a hoax perpetrated by the self-serving government-funded "Climate Industrial Complex".  It's time to question the motives of these false prophets of doom!

Many Political Leaders Are Now Understanding The Fraud!
     American politician, C. Paul Smith recently chronicled the inside story of how the world's most powerful politicians have enriched themselves and increased their power over people by supporting what he calls the "Climate Change Hoax".  For over six decades politicians and members of the Climate Industrial Complex have shown their duplicitous motives by revealing their long-term plans to eventually grant a total monopoly to the world's electric companies and outlaw fuel-powered vehicles, a move similar to what they did in the late 19th Century, when under the authority of law they destroyed tens of thousands of rural families private power generating systems forcing them to buy electricity from local power companies who had secured a "Legal Monopoly".  As noted on page one laws are in the works to stop the outlawing of ICE vehicles, thereby protecting people's freedom to choose what will power their cars.
The CIC Blocks Reports About CO2 Benefits?
    The "Climate Industrial Complex" uses pressure or belittles anyone who publishes any positive news about the real benefits of this 1/10,000 increase in CO2.  In 2017 the US Space Administration, NASA even reported that in the last 35 years, over 5 million square Km of deserts have greened up allowing farming to advance into these former dry areas.  "Studies have shown that increased concentrations of carbon dioxide increase photosynthesis, spurring plant growth." https://www.nasa.gov/technology/carbon-dioxide-fertilization-greening-earth-study-finds/

The Market Place Is Changing.
    Many legacy car makers have lost billions on their BEV models and have closed their production lines or planned to abandon the market.  Hybrids have a larger market share than BEV cars and now account for more than 30% of the market.  A Kamtech REEV is even cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient than hybrids or any other type of drive train.