We have spent several years and built 6 prototypes to perfect our technology. We are seeking assistance from investors to bring this important technology to a market that loves the positive aspects of EVs but dislike the negatives. Our Range Extended Electric Vehicle concept will be loved by all car buyers. An investment in this technology has the potential to become very profitable for those who invest early. Give us a call at 84-79-478-1600.


As a vehicle manufacture you can get in on the ground floor to assist in advancing this important technology which will save society billions of dollars in generating and charging infrastructure as well as grant new freedom to EV owners. Releasing them from the hour's long charging every few hours of driving. Your EV will be loved by all! Give us a call at 84-79-478-1600.


If you are a manufacturer you can be a part of this important future technology that will truly make EV attractive to every vehicle buyer. Its a concept that takes advantage of an engine technology that has shown itself to be close to 50% efficient. Give us a call at 84-79-478-1600.