Kamtech's Core Technology  
   Kamtech's Range Extender fulfills 100% of the electricity needs of an electric vehicle.  Unlike hybrid EVs Kamtech does not use a large "off-the-shelf" IC engine.  Kamtech gets its power from a smaller engine that is specifically designed to match the average kWh needs of the EV it's designed for.     

Kamtech RE-powered BEVs:
  • Give owners the freedom to travel without range anxiety! 
  • Maintain a comfortable interior temperature without range worries.
  • Have a much lower cost per km.
  • Can be refueled at any existing petrol station. 
  • Eliminate the time spent searching for a charging station and the long wait to recharge!
  • Reduce vehicle cost by up to 35%!
  • Reduce the deadly emissions caused by the world's electric grids!
  • Reduce the CO2/km by 30-50% compared to grid electricity! 
  • Eliminate society's need to build thousands of new polluting power plants and perhaps millions of new charging stations! (There are about 2,500 coal plants currently on line.)
  • Lower the cost per km of travel, while preserving the road tax infrastructure.  (BEVs pay no road tax.)
  • Eliminates the distribution, transformer, and charging losses inherent in grid power!
  • Reduces the charging and discharging losses typical in BEVs by sending electricity directly to the drive train and/or battery!
  • Eliminate the need for taxpayer-funded subsidies for rich buyers of BEVs!
  • Reduce service time and maintenance cost!
Smooth, Quiet, Efficient, and Compact
    The Kamtech engine is a cam-driven 2-stroke multi-cylinder radial with perfect balance Its piston dynamic makes it both quiet and more efficient.  Its 8-cylinder configuration produces eight times more combustion events per rotation than a four-cylinder. The team's 4th US prototype produced 45 kWh, weighed just 25 Kg, and was close to 50% efficient.  Kamtech RE's design is based on a scaled-down version of this basic design. (Slide 3)   All these features make a Kamtech REEV a much better fit for the automotive market than any BEV, hybrid, or ICE-powered vehicle. 

Kamtech's Range Extender Is A Break-Out Technology For EVs!
      Kamtech’s Range Extender is very small and yet very powerful.   It's also quiet, smooth and ultra efficient.   This allows it to be easily integrated into several new vehicle designs, which will fit the lifestyles of all market segments.  Its use allows for the elimination of 80% of an EVs battery size and weight.  This feature allow designers to place it and other components in response to performance, function, or style. This also gives vehicle designers the freedom to design much safer vehicles.  A well designed Kamtech RE EV can be more balanced, weigh less, have a shorter emergency stopping distance, and handle far better, than BEVs, HEVs, PHEVs, or ICE vehicles. It is a game changer for the EV market!