Lie #1 "EVs are Zero Emission Vehicles!"  
    Perhaps one of the reasons the car buying public is starting to resist buying EV is the massive amount of lies that have been used in marketing them.  The first lie and perhaps the greatest lie about Electric Vehicles was told by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) when they called EVs  "Zero-Emission Vehicles"!  In 1990, California passed laws demanding the development of Electric Vehicles.  The commercial development of EVs was to take a few more decades despite close to a billion dollars of tax monies being gifted to many politically connected corporations over the next three decades.    

Inspiration Needed To Make EVs Road Ready.
   At the time the best example of an Electric Vehicle was the humble golf cart that was used on private lands.  One of the first moves was the 1995 taxpayer grant of about 300 million USD in today's money, to General Motors Corporation to build just 600 BEVs.  That's about half a million for each BEV.  After a few years of public use, they were all destroyed. Not a good start!

The Political Class Saw The Need to Organize.
    By 2008 massive amounts of money were flowing between the politicians and a few developers of EV.  One EV entrepreneur was destined to become richer than half the countries in the world.  In 2015 to better organize several international, state, and provincial government regulators and lawmakers to manage the gifting of tax monies, and receipt of lobbying monies the “International Zero Emission Vehicle” Alliance (ZEV Alliance) was formed.  Their noble-sounding goal "to accelerate society's transition to 100% 'zero-emission vehicle' sales". The only losers have been the world's taxpayers and electric ratepayers.  (See slide 1)

Organized To Advertise A Lie.
hen a few years ago, several EV makers and their support industries joined forces with several large Electric Utilities Corporations and formed a lobbying group called "Zero Emission Transportation Association" or ZETA.   The goals of this wealthy lobbying group were threefold.  1. Seek out massive government subsidies and tax breaks for their members, and 2. Get large taxpayer subsidies for the buyers, and builders of BEVs. 3. Eventually get a legal monopoly that would force all vehicle owners to be permanently plugged into their utility members' large smoke-belching Electric plants.  (See slide 2)  See  To achieve these goals ZETA started pouring millions of dollars into, the pockets of media influencers, and the world's political leaders.   Their main propaganda tool was the lie that BEVs produce "Zero Emissions" when they are made or driven!  However, this is a lie of the first order!  Several independent studies have concluded that BEVs are responsible for far more CO2 as well as millions of tons of water vapor and several deadly chemicals being emitted into Earth's atmosphere than comparable-sized ICE vehicles.  (see slide 3)

Kamtech RE Has Lower Emissions From Start to End Of Life
    Kamtech's RE technology, when used to power a REEV will emit far lower CO2/km than any BEV, ICE, or hybrid.  Slide 3 clearly shows this.  The greenest line on the graph is the one added to illustrate the lifetime CO2 emissions of a Kamtech REEV.