A great King once observed, "Making a fortune through a lying tongue is a vanishing mist, a pursuit of death."  (Jewish King Solomon in Proverbs) Today a growing number of people are looking at the false arguments put forth by the Climate/Industrial Complex and are rejecting as a lie their theology with its attached guilt.  The true climate data show that the climate changes naturally and the earth has been getting warmer ever since the last ice age.  It naturally goes through warming and cooling periods.  Clearly, the 0.47% increase in CO2 in the last 65 years, if that is accurate, is not the cause of global warming, an ice age, or climate change.   Most people now see the Climate Change theory as a hoax perpetrated by the self-serving government-funded Climate/Industrial Complex.  Many common people are starting to resent that their tax money is going into the pockets of some of the richest people in the world while their market choices are being taken away from them.  Many also have observed how politicians are using the threat of "Climate Change" as an excuse to enforce more government power over their life choices.  

   American politician, C. Paul Smith recently chronicled the inside story of how the world's most powerful politicians have enriched themselves and increased their power over people by supporting what he calls the "Climate Change Hoax".  For over six decades politicians and members of the CIC have shown their duplicitous motives by making plans to eventually grant a total monopoly to the world's electric companies and outlaw fuel-powered vehicles, a move similar to what they did in the late 19th Century, when under the authority of law they destroyed tens of thousands of private homeowner power generating systems.  

   If limiting CO2 emissions were the true motivation behind laws outlawing vehicles that generate their power, does it make sense to move the one-half of one percent of CO2 emission they emit to the world's electric grid, which adds a 1,000% more CO2 to the air?  

    The slight increase in CO2 has been beneficial in many ways.  Farms have never been more productive, and billions of people have come out of poverty in the last 65 years.    In 2017 the US Space Administration, NASA even reported that in the first 17 years of the new century, over 5 million square Km of deserts have greened up allowing farming to advance into these former dry areas.  

    How has this good news been met?  The world's politicians and thousands of regulators have made several seemingly impossible-to-achieve demands on the automotive sector to lower CO2 emission standards on their internal combustion engine (ICE) power cars, even though cars and vans emits very little CO2 compared to say industry or the worlds electric grids. This sector owned by the world's richest people has very little regulation on their coal and natural gas-powered steam engine-powered generators.

   Very few regulations or standards have been placed on the lifetime CO2 emissions of the BEVs. Instead trillions of dollars of tax money has been given to subsidize their makers and their buyers. Many studies have shown that BEV's full life cycle produce far more CO2 emissions than ICE vehicles. these laws do not include the massive amounts of CO2 produced in the manufacture of BEVs or the production of the power to charge them or the fact that their heavy metals mining and later disposal will no doubt lead to contamination of the world's water tables at the end of their useful life.  Slide 2 is from one such study, drawn in in green is the life contribution of Kamtech's RE.

   However, the largest issue facing the Climate/Industrial Complex's plans to steal people's freedom of choice is the public's growing resistance to buying BEVs. At the beginning of 2024, it became clear that there is an open market rebellion against being induced or forced to buy these Battery Electric Vehicles.   People everywhere are beginning to see large difficulties in owning a BEV.  For years the press has been hiding reports of the poor quality of most BEVs.  Owners of BEVs have suffered because the infrastructure of charging stations is small and often broken or overcrowded.  BEVs have almost double the cost of upkeep and repair, and their insurance in some cases has double or triple the same coverage as their ICE car.  Junk yards, and dealer storage lots now are filled with tens of thousands of BEVs, that are either too expensive to fix or no one wants to buy them.  Many legacy car makers have lost billions on their BEV models and have closed their production lines or plan to abandon the market.   The introduction of BEVs into some areas has overloaded the grid, forcing the need to build new power plants and sparking a rise in the cost of electricity.  People just don't need one more thing to worry about when they drive around, all of these things will prevent the large-scale use of electric vehicles. An indirect solution to this problem is the introduction of hybrid models – these are low-emission vehicles that are steadily gaining popularity. Although the most frequently purchased cars in Europe today are still internal combustion models, hybrids have always surpassed BEV cars and now account for more than 30% of the market. But the thing that most reasonable people want is a technology that will save fuel and cost and be convenient to use without worry of range anxiety.