Our passion for making vehicles more efficient and user-friendly has pooled the ideas of several innovative people. They included a world-renowned combustion engineer whose background included working for NASA, a world-famous mechanic, whose many patents helped shape modern automobiles, an aircraft engineer who continues to pioneer new ways of powering aircraft, a mechanical engineer from Silicon Valley, and a young Vietnamese Engineer.

     After decades of work and several prototypes, we are now ready to offer to the world a far cleaner, safer, and more efficient energy source for EVs than grid power.  The Kamtech Range Extender is small onboard electric power source that can replace 80% of a BEV's batteries.   We did not invent the Range Extended Electric Vehicle or REEV concept, however, we did develop a technology that will make it far more practical than traditional power sources.

     A Kamtech REEV is unlike any of the many hybrid EVs which use large off-the-shelf engines connected mechanically to the drive train.  Kamtech's stand-alone generator only produces electricity, but it does it cleaner and more efficient than the antiquated steam engines used by the electric grid.  Unlike these power sources it is not oversized nor does it ever idle or run on standby. Unlike the engine in a hybrid, Kamtech's RE is sized to the average needs of a vehicle, not it's maximum needs.  It only operates at its maximum efficiency, and only if there is a need for power.

     The Kamtech RE is always there as a redundant backup so there is never a danger of getting stranded, or suffering "range anxiety".  It is the perfect power source for any size Electric Vehicle from sports cars to buses.