Lowering the Grid's air pollutions cause by BEVs imageLowering the Grid's air pollutions cause by BEVs image
     Magical thinking always seems to dominate electric vehicle discussions.   This is why advocates call them Zero Emission Vehicles!  Omitted is the fact that BEVs just shift their much larger CO2 emissions to distant electric generating plants.  BEV proponents also fail to mention that the world's electric plants emit highly toxic pollutants, heat, and millions of tonnes of the greatest greenhouse gas, water vapor. Also ignored are the up to 25 metric tonnes of CO2 emitted to make their battery packs. This magical thinking is meant to convince people that BEVs will "save the planet". They can't and they wont, but they will enrich thousands of already rich people.

      In contrast, Kamtech RE-powered EVs can: 
  1.  Reduce vehicle cost by up to 35%.
  2.  Reduce CO2 and other harmful emissions caused by the making and charging EV batteries, 
  3.  Reduce the CO2/kWh by almost 50%, 
  4.  Co-generate by heating the interior with the RE's waste heat,
  5.  Eliminating the distribution, transformer, and charging losses inherent in grid power, 
  6.  Reducing the charging and discharging losses by sending power directly to the drive train,
  7.  Eliminating society's need to build hundreds of new power plants and thousands of charging stations to service BEVs 
  8.  Eliminating the need for taxpayer-funded subsidies for rich buyers of BEVs.