Magical thinking dominates electric vehicle discussions.   This is why advocates call them Zero Emission Vehicles!  Omitted is the fact that BEVs just shift their much larger CO2 emissions to the distant electric generating plants which also emit highly toxic pollutants, heat and water vapor into earth's atmosphere.  Also ignored are the tons of CO2 emitted to make their battery packs. The goal of such magical thinking is to foster the misconception that BEVs will "save the planet".

      In contrast a Kamtech RE powered EV has a significantly lower environmental, and social cost to our planet than either a BEV or a ICE powered vehicle, it is able to do this by:
  1.  Reducing by 80% the cost, and CO2 emissions related to making its battery pack..
  2.  Reducing the CO2/kWh by almost 50% using the Kamtech radial cam engine
  3.  Increasing its range by up to 40% by heating the interior with waste heat.
  4.  Eliminating the distribution, transformer, and charging losses inherent in grid power. 
  5.  Reducing the charging and discharging losses via directly using its electricity .
  6.  Eliminating society's need to build hundreds of new powerplants to charge BEVs.
  7.  Eliminating the need for government subsidies for rich buyers by lowering costs.