Here on planet Earth CO2 is the foundation gas for all life.  Photosynthesis depends on CO2 to convert sunlight into food and oxygen.  Biologists have discovered that in a sealed greenhouse when CO2 levels get below 1 molecule for every 6,000 molecules of air all photosynthesis stops and plants die.  If that were to happen to Earth's atmosphere all life would die.  Today there are just 2.4 molecules of CO2 for every 6,000 molecules of air.  Just 65 years ago that number was about 2 molecules for every 6000 molecules of air.  

   Speaking as an engineer if CO2 levels are currently just 1 molecule of CO2 in 6000 away from the death of all life on Earth this seems like a pretty narrow margin of safety.  This gas that politician and their well-funded climate scientists portray as a villain is a colorless nontoxic gas.  We consume it in our foods and breathe it in and out with every breath.  The US government has determined that CO2/air ratios can be tolerated in amounts as high as 600/6000 or 25,000% of their current levels.   So there is no danger of life dying from too much CO2 in the air.  It's good to take a look at the big picture

   If we could weigh all the CO2 in the world's atmosphere what would its weight be?  Government-funded climate scientists have studied this question for decades.  They estimate that the world's atmosphere contains just over 3.2 trillion metric tons of CO2.  However, the earth's green plants are constantly recycling about 750 Billion metric tons each year, or just under 1/4.  (

   The good news, plants are growing much faster with this CO2 increase.  In 2017 US satellite studies noted that about five million square Km of formerly desert areas have greened up in the 21 century.  

   However, a few months after this information was published the public-funded climate scientists quickly said it had nothing to do with increased CO2, and confirmed that the increase of 0.04% in the last 70 years was going to lead to catastrophic global warming, or climate change.  Ironically the climate experts were not sure which, but they were sure of one thing, either way, it would be catastrophic.  This is why they are joining forces with many long-time politicians and demanding that eventually everyone is forced by law to purchase all the energy for their cars from the world's wealthy electric power companies.  

   More good news about the increased CO2 levels came from the world's farmers.  In virtually every part fo the world the farmers have seen a great increase in the productivity of their crops in the last several years.   Hundreds of biologists have confirmed that these better crops are a direct result of this 0.4/6000 increase in CO2.  (1/15,000)  But again with impressive speed hundreds of public-funded climate scientists gave their counter opinions on the increase in CO2.  They followed up by trying to have the information removed from the internet or publish articles that disparage such positive news.  

   Ever since man discovered fire he has been adding to this cycle more than just his biological functions.  Let's take a look at the size of the CO2 mankind is currently adding to the air with a few of  these technologies that have become such a battleground.  

   Perhaps the technology sector most maligned and the one "Climate Scientists" often called the greatest threat to mankind are the automobiles, vans, and buses.   It's reported that this technology adds about 3.53 billion metric tons of CO2 to the air every year, which is just under half a percent or 0.47% of the world's CO2 cycle, and about 1% of the total volume.

   However, the world's electric generation grids are even greater.   According to the website  this sector pumps out over 34 billion metric tons of CO2 per year. About 45% of this is from coal, about 35% from natural gas.  This is 1000% more than all the cars, vans, and buses in the world combined.  Modern cars produce little more than just CO2, a nontoxic gas, not so for the coal/natural gas powered steam engines used by the world's grid.  They produce some of the world's most health-threatening pollution.

   With all this good news about CO2 rising back to levels that are improving the health of plants, one is left wondering why politicians and Climate Scientists are villainizing CO2?   A more important question is why are the World's politicians making plans to eventually force every vehicle owner to buy all their motive power from the world's electric grid, a sector that is 1000% more polluting than the cars, vans, and buses of the world?