Kamtech's core technology is an ultra-efficient internal combustion engine design. Its proprietary cam design produces a piston dynamic that allows time for fuel to be completely oxidized inside the combustion chamber rather than inside a car's catalytic converter, where the fuel's final combustion only produces heat not work or power.

     Kamtech's Radial Cam Engine uses Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition, (HCCI). This is a combustion process that eliminates the super hot flame front found in all traditional IC engines. HCCI technology combusts the fuel in an instant at a lower temperature. This process prevents the formation of NOx. It also uses several other proprietary methods to improve the combustion process and increase the thermal efficiency of the engine.

     The Kamtech engine’s combustion chamber uses high-temperature, low-thermal conductive materials which allow for a lean burn without the worry of burned valves or melted pistons. All of these features allow for more of the heat energy to be converted into work, rather than heat load for a cooling system or a red-hot exhaust system.

     The result is an engine that is:
  • up to 90% more energy efficiency,
  • in a 50% smaller package,
  • while having 60% fewer parts,
  • The Kamtech engine is also about 50% less costly to manufacture and
  • Has a longer life than a traditional Otto cycle engine.
     Kamtech's engine design is also perfectly balanced and runs as smoothly as an electric motor. Our Rad-Cam engine is a radical departure from the 160-year-old Otto cycle engine which is standard in most vehicles today.